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The city of Stow, Ohio, is a great place to live and raise your children.  I should know.  I was born, raised and continue to live here.  People in our community share Midwestern values, the importance of hard work, a good education and access to a lifetime of opportunities.  

As a candidate for Stow City Council At-Large, I understand that while local city government may not have a direct say in important federal and state legislation, we are affected by it, and City Council has a responsibility to act on our citizens' behalf to address issues where we can continue to improve the quality of everyday life in this great community.

Here are some of the issues important to my campaign:

Support for our First Responders

Our first responders - police, firefighters, paramedics and canine units - are critical in times of crisis. To be sure, they're most often at the forefront in our fight against the opioid epidemic, whether it's an emergency call to attend to an overdose victim, apprehend drug dealers, or offer advice and counsel to our youth to prevent these tragedies.

As such, it's important that City Council hear and attend to their needs for training, equipment or other forms of support that will make them most effective in serving our community.  


A very necessary role for City Council is to address issues of aging infrastructure, to prevent individual homeowners from being harmed when storms overwhelm our overtaxed sewer systems.

Flooding is a significant issue for many homeowners throughout Stow that requires diligent work, research and resolve to solve.  

Keep Stow Beautiful

It's important for us to take pride in our community and take care of it so that everyone can enjoy it.  To that end, I'd like to create a program that encourages community involvement in keeping Stow beautiful by preventing littering and cleaning up our public use spaces.   

Business Development

We need to continue work to bring in new businesses to Stow, that create jobs and revitalize distressed areas. That includes discussions about how we incentivize new businesses - rather than hand out precious tax rebates, are there other things we can offer? Are we preparing our youth for the jobs that come to this community? Do we have adequate transportation for workers who may not be able to afford a vehicle or have the ability to drive? What can our city do that makes it less desirable for any business to consider leaving and more desirable for businesses to move in?   

Quality of Life

Not only should our City Council take care of vital city services, like roads, police and firemen, but also the amenities that make people want to live and raise families here, like good schools, well-maintained parks, and family-friendly activities.  

We have a great city that offers many opportunities for community involvement, but do we do enough to encourage our residents to participate? Stow shouldn't be just a place where you live, but a place where you live your life! Let's work hand-in-hand with our great school system, Parks & Recreation department, our Library, Senior Center, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to identify and promote additional cultural and community-building opportunities that strengthen our roots and enhance our reputation as a city that exhibits vitality, welcoming and cohesiveness.

Legislative Accountability

City Council members have been elected to serve their constituents, not just collect a paycheck. Our current council knows how to pay the bills, but has it been proactive in representing the real and pressing issues of its constituents?  It's time for change to make that happen. 

I plan to be available to meet with my constituents on a regular basis.  I've already scheduled several meet the candidate events, and plan to have monthly "Meet the Constituents" meetings to learn your concerns. 

My pledge to you:  If you have taken the time to contact me about an issue that is of concern to you and our city, I will return your phone call or email within a 24-hour period.  

Stow in 2019 and Beyond

My campaign is focused on several issues that continue to be a challenge for our city:

  • Storm water management
  • City infrastructure (roads, facilities management)
  • Downtown Stow - identifying the right mix of economic and cultural initiatives that best serve our community.

I hope to see and speak with you during this campaign season to learn your thoughts on how City Council can better serve our community! 


A Familiar Face, a New Voice.  

Vote for Christina Shaw, Your Hometown Girl!


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