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Christina Shaw

Hello Fellow Democrats,

I’m running for the 27th State Central Committeewoman Seat. l plan to bring an enthusiastic and fresh perspective to this important Democratic Party role based on my experiences as a divorced, single mother, a successful businesswoman and a cancer survivor. I'm persistent, diligent and empathetic. I understand adversity and the struggles of ordinary citizens in Northeast Ohio and want to represent you while offering guidance to our lawmakers about the decisions that affect our neighborhoods and the taxes we pay.

What is a Central Committeewoman and why does it matter?

Democratic Party logoThe Central Committee is the key governing organization for the Democratic Party (the Republican party also is governed by its own Central Committee). Elected committee members select the party leadership, approve the party bylaws, and vote to endorse the party's candidates. In Ohio, one man and one woman per district serve on the party's Central Committee. 

Central Committee members are elected every four years during the primary elections in May. Learn more about how Ohio's Democratic Party is organized by reading the Ohio Democratic Party's Constitution.

During the past two years, I've become very involved in our local Democratic Party as well as organizations that do important work in our communities. My current activities include:

  • Steering Committee for the Summit County Democratic Party;
  • President of the Stow Democratic Party;
  • Member of the Summit County Central Committee representing City of Stow, Ward 3-C;
  • Member of the Summit County Drug & Opiate Task Force;
  • Member of the Summit County ADM Board;
  • Member of the American Cancer Society Board.

I’ve worked hard to promote the Democratic Party and the interests of all Northeast Ohio residents. I respectfully ask for your vote on May 8th. 

Thank you.


P.S. In order to vote for me for 27th State Central Women's Committee Seat, you will need to request a Democratic ballot when you go to the polling booth or for early voting.


A Familiar Face, A New Voice.

Vote for Christina Shaw!





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